Autumn Valley Acres

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Owned or Previously Owned Bucks


Bucks that have serviced our herd.


Flat Rock's DreadPirateRoberts


S. Flat Rock's OhCaptainMyCaptain

        S.S. Flat Rock's Captain Jack

        S.D. Flat Rock's Ginny Weasley

D. Flat Rock's Princess Buttercup

        D.S. Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

        D.D. Flat Rock's Ever After


Rustic Charm H Cowboy Up


S. Sinai Thunder O Hosea *B

        S.S. Cedar View Olivero +*B

        S.D. Little Tots Estate ST Calista *M

D. Sinai Thunder C Starburst 2*M

        D.S. Muddy Creek BC Caribou

        D.D. Little Tots Estate ST Nahar 1*M