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Japanese Bantams

First appearing in Japanese artwork in the 14th century, shortly after Japan closed its borders to trade markets around the world and became isolated. These birds were thought to have been brought to Japan by Dutch traders in the earliest part of the century. 

Today these birds are in decline in the United States as many other breeds are now being used for show birds, However,  they are still considered very ornamental and are loved by their breeders .

First being recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874.

Currently the varieties standardized are as follows: 

APA: Black Tailed White, Gray, Mottled, Black Tailed Buff, Black, White, Barred, Brown Red and Wheaten.

ABA: (Same as above along with) Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Red, Buff, Blue, Blue Tailed White, Silver Duckwing, Self Blue, Silver Laced & White Bearded.

Projects: Self Blue Tailed White

Bold: Varieties we currently raise.

Weight:       Cockerel: 22 oz.                      Pullet:  20 oz.

                         Cock: 26 oz.                            Hen: 22 oz.

Broody: Yes

Egg Color: Tinted - Cream

Egg Size: Small

Egg Production: Fair

APA - Recognized: Yes

Show Class: SCCL, Single Comb Clean Legged

Japanese Bantams possess what is called the creeper gene (Leg genetics).
This is the gene that controls their leg length, because of this gene Japanese Bantams do not breed true for leg length.
When breeding please use the following as a guide.

Short Legged x Short Legged

25% Long Legged

50% Short Legged

25% Dead in Shell

Long Legged x Short Legged

50% Long Legged

50% Short Legged

Long Legged x Long Legged

100% Long Legged

To be bred to the standard set by the APA and ABA, Japanese Bantams need to have short legs, however; Only show birds need to be short legged; in our opinion, it is best practice to keep short and long legged birds in your breeding pens.

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Black Tailed White

Self Blue Tailed White