Welcome to Autumn Valley Acres

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Mathiot's Paradise CK Geronimo *B

04-16-2012 Brown Eyed Disbudded Moonspotted


S: Lost Valley KW Cherokee *S +B SS

    S.S. Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood *S

    S.D. Lost Valley Hopi 2*D

D. Dill's Rodeo Drive 1*M

    D.S. SG NC Promisedland RC Bonafide *B

    D.D. Dill's PO Los Angeles



Sire's Dam's Udder



Thanks to CR Precious Minis for supplying the photos for Sire and Dam!

S: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood *S +B SS

    S.S. Stonewall's Raising Arizona +S

    S.D. ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D E

D. Lost Valley Hopi 2*D

    D.S. Gay-Mor's JJU Laredo *S

    D.D. It'l Do's Chalktah *D


S: SG  NC Promisedland RC Bonafide *B

    S.S. Rosasharn TL Cauldron's B

    S.D. SGCH ARMCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita 2*M

D. Dill's PO Los Angeles

    D.S. Dill's KJ Pryor Offense

    D.D. Dill's PO Can't Touch This 4*D