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Ancona Ducks

Ancona ducks are a medium sized  American breed of waterfowl, Having been developed using several breeds, Such as the Dutch Hookbill and Indian Runner.

Currently the Black/White variety is the only variety aimed at being standardized with the Chocolate/White, Lavender/White and Blue/White varieties hopefully to follow suit.

(Why black/white? It was the very first variety to be bred in the Ancona and is the base of all the other color varieties)

Others, such as Tri-Colored (Pied) the genetic throwback from their Runner duck ancestry and colors like Silver and Lilac which are dilutions probably won't be standardized but are possibilities in breeding this wonderful breed.

This breed is active yet docile in temperament

Weight:       Drake: 6.5 lbs.                     Hen: 5.5 lbs.

Bill Color: Orange - Yellow

Broody: Yes

Egg Color: White, Green/Blue

Egg Size: Extra Large - Jumbo

Egg Production: Fair

Show  Class:  Medium, Standard in progress

APA - Recognized: No, Standard in progress

Black / White